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Remote Support

Got a problem?
Would you like someone to look at your screen when a problem occurs?
If we can see the problem on your computer when it happens, fixing things is much easier.

There's no software to install in advance. Our Remote Support package allows you to download a small program which will show us your computer screen and enable us to operate the keyboard and mouse. When the problem has been seen and fixed, you can break the connection and the software can delete itself.

Fewer call-outs means cheaper support and support when you need it. No more waiting for an engineer to arrive.

It's not free, but you wouldn't expect it to be! We can offer flexible pricing for 'per call' charges, standby rates and various Service Level Agreements.

To use the service you need a user account. Log on and click the link below to start your support session. The link is only available to subscribers with a valid username and password.

Remote Support
Remote Support software
Lyhn Support
  • Contact us by phone first to set up the session
  • Click on the link
  • Run the software
  • Allow through the firewall if prompted
  • Wait for connection
  • Talk to the engineer
Click on the link above to start the session, then press the Run button when you see the security warning screen

Press the Run button on the security warning screen

The Lyhn Helpdesk logo will be briefly displayed and then disappear

If your computer has a firewall, allow lyhnsupport to use the internet
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