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Staging Server

Before any website becomes 'live', it is checked and tested according to the development lifecycle shown below.
When the Lyhn developers and testers are ready for the site to be seen by our client, the code and graphics are published onto our staging server.
Our clients can review any changes that have been made, and check on the progress of the work.
This process highlights potential problems at an early stage and avoids the embarrassment that may be caused by publishing unreviewed website content to a live server.
Our staging servers are part of the public internet. This is convenient for our clients, but would make the work in progress able to be seen by any internet user. Recognising that some sites are commercially sensitive, we password protect some areas.
If you would like to view a site which is protected, please contact us for a password.
Development Lifecycle in summary:

  • Order received
  • Initial design and prototype
  • Publish prototype to staging server
  • Customer signs off concept design
  • Development of industry strength code
  • In house code review
  • In house testing
  • Publish to staging server
  • Online testing
  • Customer sign off
  • Deploy live code
  • Live end to end testing

Staging Server Projects

These are a sample of the projects currently installed on our staging servers.
Please remember that this web space is used for projects under development, so they should not be expected to be fully functional.
They are for the use of Lyhn developers and testers and for their clients who may wish to see how work is progressing.

TitleImageStatusLive URL
Lovely and Warm In progress. Graphics and design completed by our favorite designer (Ginestra)
BSSOA In progress. Slope data can be added.

Login required
the Culture Club Early development stage, initial prototype
Project Cs210 Initial prototype

Login required
project cs210
Project Ba1 Initial prototype

Login required
project Ba1

Archived Projects

These are a few of the projects which are already live. Some of them were previously online or under development and have been superceded by newer designs.
They remain here for reference purposes (and nostagia).
Lyhn is happy to allow clients to take full control of their websites after delivery, so the current content and layout of the live sites is not always representative of the work carried out on our projects.

TitleImageStatusLive URL
Chill Factore
Initial live
Superceded by current live site

Login required
Chill Factore
First Prototype
Superceded by initial live site

Login required
Queeg500 Live
Pass Eleven Plus Live, further development infrequent.
World Class Skiing
World Class Skiing Live.
Carveski Live.
Gold Silver Web Live.
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