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Lyhn Limited was formed in 1987 without marketing hype and to this day has no mission statement. Our employees don't have fancy job titles. We don't advertise.
So how have we managed to gain a proven track record of successfully implementing projects that others thought were difficult if not impossible?
The secret is technical expertise. Having it. Using it. Focusing on the elements that matter the most and delivering the right solution.
We've produced high quality results for multiple industries:

  • Defense
  • Banking
  • Petro-Chemical
  • Food
  • Distilling and Brewing
  • Sport and Leisure
  • Glass and packaging

Web technology

Much of the work we do is covered by confidentiality agreements and official secrets, so let's talk about websites instead!
There are thousands of companies who can produce websites, but far fewer have the technical expertise to make them operate effectively. The tricky bits, integration with CRM and host systems can cause some to fail to fulfil the potential that a web interface can deliver.
Lyhn has a wealth of experience in transforming business requirements into commercial reality using a variety of established and cutting edge technologies. In a nutshell, we'll understand what you want, and we'll know how to make it happen.
We can supply a complete web package including hosting, design and technical implementation, or you can reduce your costs by doing part of the work. For instance, you could supply a graphic design and leave the hosting and technical content up to us.
If you prefer, we can simply supply a hosting package on state of the art servers and you can manage the site with our technical support.


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