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Graphic Design

Is it really possible for technical people to have artistic flair? Some would say not.
Is it possible for artists to be strongly technical? It's probably just as rare!
In recognition of this fact of life, we don't assume that our designs will always be to your taste. We can follow several approaches when we design your website or user interface:

  • We can design the interface in full, choosing images, fonts and layout to produce something we think looks great.
  • We can sub-contract the graphic design to our favorite designer (Ginestra), or to one that you specify.
  • You can provide the design and content either by supplying artwork or by showing us an idea on the web.
  • You can supply web-ready html content and we will add the back-end processing
  • You can design and implement the site in full. We'll just provide advice when you need it.

Don't worry: We know our site looks a little dated. That's because all our effort goes into yours!

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